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Call for Papers – Psychology of Consciousness – new journal

View in browser Forward to a Friend Psychology of Consciousness Editor: Steven Jay Lynn, PhD Editorial Coverage Statement: Psychology of Consciousness: Theory, Research, and Practice is a cross-disciplinary journal that encompasses neuroscience, social, cognitive, experimental, and clinical psychology. It publishes … Continue reading

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Nielsen & Kuiken (2013) just published

Nielsen_CC_22_975-986_2013_Relationships-between-non-pathological-dream-enactment-and-mirror Dream-enacting behaviors (DEBs) are behavioral expressions of forceful dream images often occurring during sleep-to-wakefulness transitions. We propose that DEBs reflect brain activity underlying social cognition, in particular, motor-affective resonance generated by the mirror neuron system. We developed a Mirror Behavior Questionnaire (MBQ) … Continue reading

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AAD and REM dreams Tore Nielsen

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Duval, McDuff & Zadra (2013)

Nightmare Frequency, Nightmare Distress, and Psychopathology in Female Victims of Childhood Maltreatment Duval_JNMD_201_767-772_2013_NM-sex-abuse

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Nielsen, Powell & Kuiken (2013) just published

Nielsen_CC_22_1181-1188_2013_Nightmare-frequency-is-related-to-a-propensity We previously reported that college students who indicated engaging in frequent dreamenacting behaviors also scored high on a new measure of mirror behaviors, which is the propensity to imitate another person’s emotions or actions. Since dream-enacting behaviors are frequently the culmination of … Continue reading

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