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Nielsen (2013): Comment on Llewellyn BBS target article

PDF: Nielsen_BBS_36_624-625_2013_The-method-of-loci The method of loci (MoL) and memory consolidation: Dreaming is not MoL-like Abstract: Certain method of loci (MoL) prerequisites – familiar, coherently ordered locations – should appear during dreaming if the latter is, in fact, elaborative memory encoding as hypothesized … Continue reading

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Llewellyn (2013): Such stuff as dreams are made on?

PDF: Llewellyn_BBS_36_589-659_2013_Such-stuff-as-dreams Such stuff as dreams are made on? Elaborative encoding, the ancient art of memory, and the hippocampus BEHAVIORAL AND BRAIN SCIENCES (2013) 36, 589–659 Abstract: This article argues that rapid eye movement (REM) dreaming is elaborative encoding for episodic memories. Elaborative encoding in … Continue reading

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Dream Herb – Calea Zacatechichi

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