Nielsen (2013): Comment on Llewellyn BBS target article

PDF: Nielsen_BBS_36_624-625_2013_The-method-of-loci

The method of loci (MoL) and memory consolidation: Dreaming is not MoL-like

Abstract: Certain method of loci (MoL) prerequisites – familiar,
coherently ordered locations – should appear during dreaming if the
latter is, in fact, elaborative memory encoding as hypothesized by
Llewellyn. A review of the literature suggests that dreamed locations are
neither familiar nor coherently ordered and thus unsuitable for
facilitating memory in this sense. This conclusion converges with other
evidence that episodic memory is dependent upon non–rapid eye
movement (NREM), rather than REM, sleep.

About Tore Nielsen

Researcher at University of Montreal and Director of Dream & Nightmare Laboratory
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