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Bourses de la Fondation Desjardins 2014

From: Dumont Marie-Laurence [] Sent: January-31-14 2:56 PM Madame, Monsieur, Nous avons le plaisir de vous informer que la Fondation Desjardins a lancé son appel de candidatures 2014 pour ses programmes de bourses d’études. Les étudiants pourront soumettre leur candidature … Continue reading


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Edwards et al (2013): Dreaming and insight

PDF: Edwards_FiP_4_1-14_2013_Ding-insight This paper addresses claims that dreams can be a source of personal insight. Whereas there has been anecdotal backing for such claims, there is now tangential support from findings of the facilitative effect of sleep on cognitive insight, and of REM … Continue reading

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Graziano et al (2011): Consciousness & social neuroscience hypothesis

PDF: Graziano_CN_2_98-133_2011_Cs-soc-neurosci-hypothesis A common modern view of consciousness is that it is an emergent property of the brain, perhaps caused by neuronal complexity, and perhaps with no adaptive value. Exactly what emerges, how it emerges, and from what specific neuronal process, are in … Continue reading

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Spoormaker et al (2014): vmPFC and REM associated with fear

PDF: Spoormaker_EBR_xx_xx-xx_2014_vmPFC-REM-fear Ventromedial prefrontal cortex activity and rapid eye movement sleep are associated with subsequent fear expression in human subjects Abstract In humans, activity patterns in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC) have been found to be predictive of subsequent fear memory … Continue reading

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Rev Up Your REM (lucid dreaming)

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‘Placebo Sleep’ Can Improve Cognitive Skills Download the official Twitter app here Tore via iPhone

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Travel scholarships for users of balance board

Scholarships | Force and Motion. Quarterly $500 Travel Awards for Scientific Posters and Podium Presentation Abstracts The Force and Motion Foundation offers up to ten $500 travel awards each quarter to assist students with costs for travel to scientific conferences. The travel awards are open to applicants worldwide. To apply, … Continue reading

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