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Frequent childhood nightmares may indicate an increased risk of psychotic traits

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Mathes (2014): typical dream themes in diary dreams

PDF: Mathes_Som_xx_106-111_2014_Ds-typical-diary Analysis of a large sample of diary dreams—how typical are these typical dreams?Somnologie 2014 · DOI 10.1007/s11818-013-0653-6 J. Mathes · M. Schredl Abstract Typical dreams are defined as dreams with similar contents reported by a high percentage of dreamers. … Continue reading

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Bottom-up or top-down in dream neuroscience?

Bottom-up or top-down in dream neuroscience? A top-down critique of two bottom-up studies David Foulkes a, G. William Domhoff b,⇑ David Foulkes was one of the early pioneers in dream research; this is his first publication on dreams since 1999. PDF: Foulkes_CC_27_168-171_2014_D-neurosci-bottom-up-top-down

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Recent student work on dreaming, emotion & amygdala

These are links to works by students of Mark Solms: Minne_XX-xx-xx_2014_D-motivation.pdf Hamilton_XX_xx-xx_2014_D-TLE-amygdala.pdf Denny_XX_xx-xx_2014_D-affect-amygdala-UWD.pdf Greyling_XX_xx-xx_2014_D-recall-REM-quality-PCA-stroke.pdf

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