Asleep in cyberspace? Investigation of the dreamlike nature of virtual reality

pdf: nielsen_1995_asleep-in-cyberspace-4cyberconf


Tore Nielsen, Tom M. Cervenka, & Russell Powell

Paper presented at: 4CYBERCONF – The Fourth International Conference on Cyberspace, May, 1995, Banff, Alberta


As arousing as cyberspace may appear, many of its experiential qualities suggest that it is a dreamlike state. Very often cyberspace and dreaming both seem vividly real, even though this reality is only virtual. The existential similarity between cyberspace and dreaming realities is complex and largely unstudied, but its exploration could have profound implications for the future development of research in both domains. This paper investigates some qualities of virtual experience which characterize both cyberspace and dreaming, it proposes some concepts for understanding their similarity, and it discusses some of the potential implications a oneiric approach to virtual reality experience may have both for the development of cyberspace narratives and for our understanding of dream function.


About Tore Nielsen

Researcher at University of Montreal and Director of Dream & Nightmare Laboratory
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