A bed fan. Not sure how comfortable that would be…

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2017-10-17, 8:48 PM
No more flipping for the cold side of the pillow pic.twitter.com/HensL6oLtW
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Brain scans show dogs learn when sleeping―just like people | Science | AAAS


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Dreaming and emotional regulation

Dear collegues,

Please find enclosed an article just published in Plos One on the

relationship between dream content and waking life content.


Results support the hypothesis of a role of dreaming in emotional


Looking forward to discussing it with you

Best regards

Perrine Ruby

Senior Researcher

Lyon Neuroscience Research Center

DYCOG team

Centre Hospitalier Le Vinatier (Bât. 452) mano

95, Bd Pinel

69675 Bron Cedex – France

Phone: +33 (0)4 72 13 89 21

Fax: +33 (0)4 72 13 89 01



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Ribeiro review: sleep-dependent memory processes


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Medicine Nobel awarded for work on circadian clocks : Nature News & Comment



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Have humans always slept through the night? | ABC Radio Australia


Tore mobile


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Frontiers | Sleep: An Open-Source Python Software for Visualization, Analysis, and Staging of Sleep Data | Frontiers in Neuroinformatics


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