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Formica (2013): Alexithymia & dream impoverishment

Formica_MJCP_1_1-13_2013_D-alexithymia The association between alexithymia and impoverishment of dreaming: an empirical research amongst undergraduate students Increasing evidence supports the hypothesis that people with alexithymia present, together with a lack of symbolic function, a dreaming component disorder. Therefore, this study aimed to … Continue reading

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Saletin (2013): Brain correlates of sleep oscillations

Saletin_NI_83_658-668_2013_spindles-brain-correlates Structural brain correlates of human sleep oscillations Sleep is strongly conserved within species, yet marked and perplexing inter-individual differences in sleep physiology are observed. Combining EEG sleep recordings and high-resolution structural brain imaging, here we demonstrate that the morphology of the … Continue reading

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Abel (2013): Sleep, plasticity, memory – review

Abel_CB_23_R774-R788_2013_S-plasticity-mem-review Sleep, Plasticity and Memory from Molecules to Whole-Brain Networks – Review Despite the ubiquity of sleep across phylogeny, its function remains elusive. In this review, weconsider one compelling candidate: brain plasticity associated with memory processing. Focusing largely on hippocampus-dependent memory in rodents and humans, we … Continue reading

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Bulkeley (2013): Religious worship and dream recall

Bulkeley_PP_xx_xx-xx_2013_D-rec-worship Religious Worship and Dream Recall: New Results from a Survey of American Adults This study of 2,992 demographically diverse American adults provides a new empirical view of the relationship between dreams and religion. Participants answered a question about the frequency of their … Continue reading

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Fuentemilla (2013): memory, hippocampus, spindles

Fuentemilla_CB_23_1-7_2013_S-mem-hippo-spindle Hippocampus-Dependent Strengthening of Targeted Memories via Reactivation during Sleep in Humans Recent accumulating evidence in animals and humans has shown that memory strengthening occurs, at least partially, during sleep [1, 2] and relies on the covert reactivation of individual memory episodes [3–5]. However, it … Continue reading

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tDCS study of lucid dreaming

Stumbrys_CC_22_1214-1222_2013_lucid-D-tDCS-PFC Recent studies suggest that lucid dreaming (awareness of dreaming while dreaming) might be associated with increased brain activity over frontal regions during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. By applying transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), we aimed to manipulate the activation of the … Continue reading

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Auto-activation deficit (AAD) and REM dreams

Leu-Semenescu_B_epub_1-5-suppl_2013_D-auto-activation-deficit Bilateral damage to the basal ganglia causes auto-activation deficit, a neuropsychological syndrome characterized by striking apathy, with a loss of self-driven behaviour that is partially reversible with external stimulation. Some patients with autoactivation deficit also experience a mental emptiness, which is … Continue reading

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Call for Papers – Psychology of Consciousness – new journal

View in browser Forward to a Friend Psychology of Consciousness Editor: Steven Jay Lynn, PhD Editorial Coverage Statement: Psychology of Consciousness: Theory, Research, and Practice is a cross-disciplinary journal that encompasses neuroscience, social, cognitive, experimental, and clinical psychology. It publishes … Continue reading

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Nielsen & Kuiken (2013) just published

Nielsen_CC_22_975-986_2013_Relationships-between-non-pathological-dream-enactment-and-mirror Dream-enacting behaviors (DEBs) are behavioral expressions of forceful dream images often occurring during sleep-to-wakefulness transitions. We propose that DEBs reflect brain activity underlying social cognition, in particular, motor-affective resonance generated by the mirror neuron system. We developed a Mirror Behavior Questionnaire (MBQ) … Continue reading

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AAD and REM dreams Tore Nielsen

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Duval, McDuff & Zadra (2013)

Nightmare Frequency, Nightmare Distress, and Psychopathology in Female Victims of Childhood Maltreatment Duval_JNMD_201_767-772_2013_NM-sex-abuse

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Nielsen, Powell & Kuiken (2013) just published

Nielsen_CC_22_1181-1188_2013_Nightmare-frequency-is-related-to-a-propensity We previously reported that college students who indicated engaging in frequent dreamenacting behaviors also scored high on a new measure of mirror behaviors, which is the propensity to imitate another person’s emotions or actions. Since dream-enacting behaviors are frequently the culmination of … Continue reading

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