Why Do We Dream? A bad example of science reporting.

This is an interesting effort at public education, but contains glaring errors (REM sleep atopia??). In fact, it is FULL of inaccuracies! Not really worth recommending, but a good exercise in fact-checking…)

 or here: 


About Tore Nielsen

Researcher at University of Montreal and Director of Dream & Nightmare Laboratory
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One Response to Why Do We Dream? A bad example of science reporting.

  1. elizaveta solomonova says:

    hahaha, some of the things were quite amusing, like we knew nothing about the dreams before REM was discovered, and that most dreams have anxiety in them… also RBD and sleepwalking are confused here… But this is probably a good example of the prevalent popular "scientist" view of dreams!I would suspect that the hunter-gatherers actually lived in a much more predictable world than we live in now, and they understood it so much better, I feel, so why would they have more threat rehearsal dreams? This is very euro-centric too – the whole concept of ‘anxiety’ is modern, that’s all we talk about in the waking life, so no wonder that that’s all some of us notice in dreams too:)

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